Waiting to go

Welcome all my penguin pals and their friends,

Lots of people reading this is a penguin, or is looking after a penguin (you can always get a penguin and Bryony can put it in the Profiles). As you know, most of us penguins live, not in warm sunny Britain, but in down in the cold Antarctica. I was born in England, but have always dreamt of going down south to find my roots and to meet a few of my fellow penguins. Luckily I have found a human to take me down with her in November. We will be spending about 16 months at Rothera base, on the Antarctic peninsula (the pointy bit), living and working down there. Bryony will be working as a doctor and I hope to make myself useful, helping with everyone who is living there.

I want to share this experience with all of you, and so I will be posting blogs here with a few photos, telling you all about Antarctica, penguins and everything that is going on down there.

I would also love to hear about what you are all up to, and I can post some of your updates and photos on this website too.

So check out the “penguin profiles” to meet all the other penguins.

Until November, I will just have to wait, get excited and dream about Antarctica.



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