Training for Antarctica

Before going to live and work in Antarctica Pearl has had to get trained up. She spent 2 weeks with The British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge and the Peak District learning all about Antarctica, Rothera, what everyone does there and what to do in different emergencies.

She learnt some first aid; as with all the slippery ice accidents can happen. Here she is with a doctor. He is showing everyone else how to do CPR on a penguin who might have a spinal injury…


Don’t worry – she was only acting.

Then she went camping and learnt how to do abseiling up and down, in case she fell down a cravass, or wanted to go exploring. Due to her lack of opposable thumbs she needed some help from Bryony …



She then went for a holiday to Center Parcs with all her penguin brothers and sisters. She had to say a sad “goodbye” to lots of them as they went to there new homes. You can see all of them with their new families in “Penguin Profiles”.

You can see that Pugsy Jr Jr has already set off in “Other Penguin News”.