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I am writing this blog to let everyone know about my adventures in Antarctica. I would also love to hear what all my penguin friends are up to. So in this section I am going to put updates, news and photos of all the other penguins. If one of my penguin pals is up to something exciting then please email Bryony about it and attach a photo (but please keep its size small as the internet is terrible in Rothera). Thank you and looking forward to seeing your news x

The news below is from the most recent, going back in time:

13th February 2015:

1st Thorner Rainbows have been looking after Pippa and Poppy Penguin (photo coming soon). Here is a gallery of penguin pictures that we made.



Priscilla and Petal Penguins have been on a lovely skiing trip to France. They were so fast on their skis that the pictures were too blurred, so here is a picture of Louise and Alice instead (who were not quite so fast).


We would like to know how many different types of penguin you have seen now Pearl (and how many species haven’t you seen yet?).

12th February 2015:

Australia’s oldest person Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date who is 109 years old is putting his still-nimble fingers to good use, creating tiny clothes for Phillip Island Penguins who needed woolen jumpers in the wake of an oil spill which prevented the creatures from staying dry.  Little penguins are only found in New Zealand and southern Australia (so far away from Pearl in Antarctica), and there is a colony of 32,000 who live on Phillip Island.  Very smart Penguins!

penguins (1)jumper pengin 2 jump penhuin jumper 3

9th February 2015:

Laila and Noah Waise were very happy when their penguins, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip, laid an egg. A few weeks later baby Peanut hatched. Here they are with their best friend Mousie Tung.

baby penguin

Congratulations Beauty and Philip

17th January 2015:

Pearl has obviously had a really exciting trip to the South pole, but Tom, who used to live in Antarctica and who now lives with Bryony`s parents, has also been on travels to a very cold place, but this time in the North.

He went to China for Christmas, but as penguins only live at the South Pole, he did not meet any other penguins, but he had a great time.

First of all he went to Shanghai, which is now a very large big town. Here he is in Shanghai at night.


Then he travelled to Beijing, where he visited the Great Wall of China, which was built a long time ago to try and protect the Chinese from invaders. You can see it is very steep in places, and I am sorry to say that the steps were too big for a penguin and so he had to be carried!

china 2

Then he went on an 8 hour train journey to a town called Harbin. Harbin is near the border with Russia – perhaps you could find it in an atlas? Although it is in the North of China, and VERY cold, (it was – 16 C on one of the days he was there), in fact England is further north. The reason England is not as cold as Harbin is because we are surrounded by the sea and a warm current in the sea called the Gulf Stream keeps England from getting as cold as other countries on the same latitude.(Ask what a latitude is if you do not know)


Because it is so cold all winter long in Harbin, the river freezes over so you can walk across it, which, as a penguin, Tom found easy. The people of Harbin cut big chunks of ice out of the river and have an ice festival where they make big sculptures out of ice. Some of them are enormous and they are brightly lit at night. They also make sculptures out of snow which are very beautiful – and some are very big as you can see.



10th December 2014:

Pip (who lives with Lucy and Ian) has been getting in the Christmas spirit by making a Christmas cake and he enjoyed a cycle ride to Windsor Castle to see the Christmas Tree and lights. He also delivered a Christmas card to his neighbour the Queen!
This weekend he has been away visiting family, of the human not penguin species, in the New Forest and had a drive round the countryside.

pipxmasdirst pipxmas1 pipxmas2 pipxmas3 pipxmas4

25th November 2014:

Paul has been settling in well to life at Herne Bay Junior school, and even has his own igloo to live in!

heree2 herne 3

A rabbit visited the school too recently, a first time for Paul but they got on really well!

Paul and the Rabbit

Paul and the Rabbit

17th November 2014:

Pugsy Jr Jr and Emma are still on RSS James Clark Ross heading to South Georgia. They stopped off in Chile, at Punta Arenas for a few days. This is right at the bottom tip of South America. There they were lucky enough to go for a trip to Torres del Paine National Park, right on the edge of the Andes it is a stunning and impressive place, as you can see from their expressions.

Emma with Pugsy Jr at Torres del Paine

Emma with Pugsy Jr at Torres del Paine

The ship continued south and has reached the ice. They are dropping off supplies and people at all the British Antarctic Stations. Their first base was Signy, a small island at the top of the peninsula. Can you find it on a map? Pugsy Jr Jr had a day out with his new friends, Mike the Owl (who belongs to Kilkeel Primary School) and Polar the polar bear, who is quite a long way from home!

Emma and Pugsy Jr Jr in Signy, with the JCR

Emma and Pugsy Jr Jr in Signy, with the JCR

Pugsy Jr Jr, Mike and Polar do some manhauling of a sledge

Pugsy Jr Jr, Mike and Polar do some manhauling of a sledge

15th November 2014:

Peggy is settling into living with Year 2 of Brighton and Hove High Junior School.

Year 2 recently went to Drusillas zoo as part of their ‘Fire & Ice’ topic to find out all about penguins. The girls had a really interesting talk from one of the zookeepers and found out lots of facts about penguins. Did you know penguins’ eyes are flat which helps them to see under water and they have a very rough tongue (like a cat) to help them catch fish. After our zookeeper session it was time to go and see the penguins being fed. We were very lucky with the weather and the girls were able to sit outside in the sunshine to have their lunch! After lunch we got to explore more of Drusillas and have a go at some of the ‘Animal Olympic’ challenges (such as how long you could hang for and how loud you could shout) finishing the day off with a ride on their Thomas train. All in all a very busy fun pack and informative day.

Peggy with her friends at Drusillas

peggy nove

10th November 2014:

Monty the Penguin (a very distant relative of Pearls) will be making his TV debut this Christmas for the John Lewis advert!  Its thought the exposure will take him to second (just behind Pingu) on the Antarctic hall of fame of famous Penguins.  It is hoped that the popularity of the advert will result in many more Penguins being given homes over the Christmas period and beyond.


19th October 2014:

Pugsy Jr Jr has recently become a real sailor. He and Dr. Emma Browne crossed the equator on their ship. This is the centre of the planet – the widest point. When sailors do this it is called “crossing the line” and it is a big event. Someone dresses up as Neptune – king of the seas, and anyone who has never crossed the line before is “kidnapped” and has to eat some pretty disgusting stuff and have it poured over them! It is all good fun. You can either try and hide, or fight off the “kidnappers” with things like water balloons. Emma and Pugsy Jr Jr decided to fight them off! As you can see Emma tried to use Pugsy Jr Jr as a water balloon! They defended themselves well, but they did get captured – what a mess!

Pugsy Jr Jr inside a balloon

Pugsy Jr Jr inside a balloon

Making water balloonsEmma got caught!Making water balloons. But Emma got caught!

September 2014:

The first bit of Other Penguin News is about Pugsy Junior Junior. He and Dr Emma Browne have already set off on their adventure. He is off on the BAS ship, the James Clark Ross (JCR), sailing to South Georgia where he will live for many months. South Georgia is not in the Antarctic circle, but is very far south and very isolated. There are lots of penguins, birds and seals their to keep him company.

The voyage on the ship is going to be very rough at times. You could learn about the Antarctic explorer James Clark Ross, or the small island of South Georgia. Hopefully we will be hearing some more news from Pugsy Jr Jr and Emma over the next few months.

pugsyPugsy and Emma ready to get on their ship that will sail to South Georgia.


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